Sedna® carpet is soft, luxurious and durable. It is made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon, a yarn made from recycled waste material such as old carpets and abandoned fishing nets collected from the bottom of the sea. Sedna® thus helps to save thousands of beautiful sea creatures like sea turtles, dolphins and seals that no longer can get stuck in this life-threatening waste.

Moreover, Sedna® carpet has an ECO FusionBac textile back, made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles.

The legendary Sedna lived in the snow-covered plains of Greenland. One day, Sedna’s father, angered by his daughter’s refusal to marry any suitor, takes her out on the open seas and throws her overboard. When she tries to climb back on board, he cuts off her fingers. Sedna forever disappears under the waves. Out of her fingers are born the first seals, walruses, and whales. From that moment on, Sedna rules the seas and commands all marine creatures.



In Hawaii, KAI is a popular male name meaning ‘water’. Surrounded by the immense Pacific, the Hawaiian islanders have a profound respect and admiration for the ocean.


In China, MAZU is worshipped as the goddess of the seas. Worthy of her name – meaning ‘mother’ – she divinely intervenes to rescue seafarers and sailors in distress.


For the Maori people of New-Zealand, the sea stands for the great adventure. In their language, MOANA refers to vast waters, and is a favourite among woman names.


In Indian mythology, VARUNA reigns over the heavens, and makes the beneficent rain fall from them. He rules the seas of the world and lives in the depths of the ocean.


YARA is a legendary lady of the water, appearing on the banks of Brazilian rivers. This seductive creature has the power to lure any man into her underwater world.