Standards and Certification

Today more than ever, consumers are factoring in environmental issues in their buying behaviour. They want to know for sure if a product is environmentally safe to use and if it is made according to eco-friendly standards. Carpets are not excluded from this trend.

gutSince the early nineties, the members of GUT (Gemeinschaft umweltfreundlicher Teppichboden e.V) have been committed to being user friendly and environmentally sound throughout the entire lifecycle of the carpets they make, from production to installation and from use to recycling. GUT’s standards for raw materials, additives and production processes are unique in Europe. By joining together European environmentally responsible manufacturers (among which AW), GUT guarantees a better living environment.  

ecraGUT and ECRA (the European Carpet and Rug Association) have taken the initiative to bring all existing product information systems together into one system: PRODIS