If ever there was a strong woman, it must be Omphale, the legendary queen of Lydia. She makes Hercules, the strongest of gods, her slave, dressing him as a woman and obliging him to spin. As a symbol of her dominance, she carries his olive wood club and wears the skin of the Nemean Lion he killed.

And like its muse, Omphale carpet is not one to be overlooked. Its lush velvet stands for extreme indulgence that won’t go unnoticed in any interior. Just allow her to take over. With a halo as golden as a lion’s mane, Omphale in a yellow tone makes a strong statement.

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Product properties

Widths (m)4.00/5.00
Pile composition100% Polyamide (Nylon)
AspectPlain color/speckled
Pattern repeating every L*W (cm)
Domestic Use

(*) if stairs symbol is present
Intensive : Bedroom, Guest room, Living, Dining, Hobby, Office, Study, Stairs(*), Entrance , Hallway
Commercial Uselight : Hotelroom, Hotel suite
Pile height (mm)9.0
Total thickness (mm)11.5
  • suitable for domestic areas with intensive traffic
  • ProductDetail.ProdisIconTexts.CONUSE.31
  • Highest Luxury class
  • suitable for occasional castor chair usage
  • suitable for use with underfloor heating systems
  • good/excellent impact noise reduction
  • goodly fire retardant
  • Excellent slip resistance
  • Light-fade resistant