Associated Weavers is the new licence partner of the Schöner Wohnen Collection

New additions to textiles in eight materials

Logo Schöner WohnenThe Belgian fitted carpet manufacturer Associated Weavers is the new licence partner of the Schöner Wohnen Collection.

The magazine’s editors have been providing answers, month after month for 55 years, to the question of what modern living looks like. Alongside selected producers, they examine things such as floor coverings, fabrics, wallpapers, tiles and colours, which are brought to life by the magazine world. With the arrival of Associated Weavers Europe NV as a new partner, the group of licensees has grown. At the trade fairs in early 2016 the Belgian company presented a collection of fitted carpets under the Schöner Wohnen Label in eight materials, with each one available in 12 colours. The materials are distinguished from one another through different structures and by the thickness or softness of the pile. As the marketing material proclaims, “these properties increase as you go from one material to another. Appropriate colours, from soft tones to strong hues or brightness interact with the velour, creating an exciting new effect for each material”. A hard-wearing polyamide fibre guarantees good resistance to fading, ease of care and colour clarity, as well as enabling the pile to always remain upright. The carpet backing, which retains its shape and prevents scratching, is made from textiles and is suitable for all installation techniques. The carpets are also categorised into four modern furnishing styles, namely Natürlich und soft, Edel und soft, Kraftvoll und soft and Lebendig und soft.

“People who are looking for a fitted carpet want a soft floor covering that also brings colour to their room. Associated Weavers has combined these two elements perfectly in a simple concept. Regardless of whether you want a soft floor covering in a bright colour for the children’s bedroom or you want to fit out your bedroom with a textile covering in soft tones, the new collection offers a wide range, allowing you to discover your individual lifestyle”, explains Kirsten Ollech, Head of the Schöner Wohnen Collection. The spectrum ranges from natural shades and soft tones to strong colours, from soft to super-soft and from semi-matt to shiny. The carpet backing, which is made from textiles (Fusionbac), reveals a double-layer sandwich structure. Prices range from €24.95 to €42.95 per square metre. Further information and stockists can be found at