Invictus: Great Carpet, Invincible Comfort

 Invictus®: Invincible Comfort

For winners only!


Invictus® is the newest revelation in the product range of AW, leading European producer of broadloom carpet.

The Invictus® carpet collection comprises six qualities offering unbeatable comfort thanks to the unique combination of “body”, texture, softness and lustre. The inspiration for the name and concept was the Latin word “Invictus” which means invincible”. For this collection radiates invincible strength and grandeur.

The combination of unbeatable comfort and invincible strength results in:  Invincible Comfort.

The story

In the story-telling of the brand and concept the Maori (the original inhabitants of New Zealand) with their traditional Haka (ceremonial dance to challenge the opponent) play an important role. As do their stars and constellations which guided them on their journeys.

The logo

The Invictus® logo also contains a double reference. The outer circle stands for a circle of stars. A Maori mask is depicted within this circle. Together they refer once again to the ‘Invincible Comfort’ of this collection.


All Invictus® qualities are made of the new iVinci® yarn. This new generation of Solution Dyed Olefin yarns (SDO) is characterized by superior softness, lustre, bulk and  outstanding stain resistance.

iVinci® was developed in collaboration with yarn producers at world level making use of state-of-the-art extrusion methods and having a thorough knowledge of SDO chemistry and technology, which enables them to produce these unique yarns.

The Invictus® qualities

The various Invictus® qualities bear the names of stars and constellations:

Sirius    /   Canopus   /   Orion   /   Pegasus   /   Scorpius   /    Perseus     

Bearing in mind their typical features, each of those qualities were developed to offer heavenly comfort at a correct price. Their colour ranges have been tuned to the latest trends but differ between themselves in order to offer an appropriate colour range per quality.   

Once again AW has decided to give this new collection the support it deserves. To that end, modular Invictus® displays and highly attractive footage were developed in addition to an Invictus® film.


Come and experience the invincibility of  Invictus® at Domotex

At the Domotex fair in Hannover, from 17 up to 20 January 2015 inclusive, AW presents the new  Invictus®  collection through a unique experience in “the black box”. AW’s customers and invitees can discover Invictus® by means of a unique multimedia show which will place the unsurpassed comfort as well as all other unique features of this collection in the limelight.

Invictus®: let this carpet show you the way to heavenly comfort.

 Press release Invictus in PDF format

AW is a European leading producer of broadloom carpet, with production plants in Ronse (Belgium) and Liberec (Czech Republic). The company achieves a turnover of approx. 150 million Euros (2014) and employs 500 people. The company exports to over 55 countries. Its main markets are the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Scandinavia and Central Europe. 

The Invictus® collection is produced in Belgium. Invictus® and iVinci® are registered brands of Associated Weavers Europe NV.

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