The Simple Lifestyle

“For those who want to rediscover the essence of life”

In a SIMPLE LIFE interior nature is everywhere. Soft earth, sand and chalk tones create peace and harmony. The sustainable furniture and decorative objects have a “lived in” look and are often made of weathered, greyed or light-coloured wood. Shells, dried seeds and objects made from driftwood provide a typical touch.

Elements produced by craftsmen or in an environment-friendly way easily find a place in this interior.  Natural materials, like wool, linen and cotton are worked into cushions, plaids and curtains. The harmonious combination of colours, materials and textures in a SIMPLE LIFE interior invite one to slow down and cocoon.

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"Life is simple, the search for the essential things. Beauty, love, good food, nature. Our property consists of large buildings in rough stone, but inside we have used natural materials that create warm spaces. This place is characterised by a certain style. The combination of objects gives it a pared-down yet refined look. Every bedroom is unique. Looking for a rare object can take a long time but when you find it, you know instantly. When an object attracts me, pleases me, seduces me, I buy it without hesitation.”


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