Metamorphosis collection

Imagine … a world where you can have the best of everything. Where you get to be an accountant at the office, and an artist at heart. A world where you can actually have your cake and eat it. Dare to layer up all you desire.

We are living in layered times. We juggle our on and offline identities, putting coloured screens in front of otherwise mundane Instagram pictures. We multitask our way through the day, tasting fusion food and enjoying some chess boxing or taking a walk with our labradoodle. The way we design our homes is no stranger to the layer concept: a glass extension highlights a century-old vaulted ceiling; a multitude of pillows makes for a cosy sitting nook.

AW is bringing this trend to carpets; superimposing various designs on different fabrics creates a surprising effect. The result: Layers. A multifaceted collection that will add a layer of sophisticated elegance to your interior.


Pile composition: 100% Polyamide (Nylon)

Texture: Frisé

Total thickness (mm): 12.5 mm