In Greek mythology, the Oreads are mountain nymphs, and protectors of the forest. They are close to the goddess Artemis and join her when hunting deer and other animals. The Oreads ensure harmony in the woods, becoming one with nature and wearing hunting trophies with pride.

Oreade carpet blends in naturally, whatever your decorating style. Its velvety softness will create a harmonious connection, bringing together all elements. For a down-to-earth touch, choose the olive green shade, as it will remind you of how glorious nature can be.

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Product properties

Widths (m)4.00/5.00
Pile composition100% Polyamide (Nylon)
AspectPlain color/speckled
Pattern repeating every L*W (cm)
Domestic Use

(*) if stairs symbol is present
Intensive : Bedroom, Guest room, Living, Dining, Hobby, Office, Study, Stairs(*), Entrance , Hallway
Commercial Uselight : Hotelroom, Hotel suite
Pile height (mm)9.0
Total thickness (mm)11.0
  • suitable for domestic areas with intensive traffic
  • ProductDetail.ProdisIconTexts.CONUSE.31
  • Highest Luxury class
  • suitable for occasional castor chair usage
  • suitable for use with underfloor heating systems
  • good/excellent impact noise reduction
  • goodly fire retardant
  • Excellent slip resistance
  • Light-fade resistant